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"Gold of the Earth," Belsio/Nash, PG - Fairytale Fanfiction

Sep. 30th, 2007

01:11 am - "Gold of the Earth," Belsio/Nash, PG

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Title: "Gold of the Earth"
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Author: mistr3ssquickly and goldphish_bowl
Prompt: #8, "If You Want Me To"
Pairings: John Belsio and Nash Tringham
Rating: So PG it makes me hurt
Warnings: None. ^_^
Summary: It's a good night for a story, and it's Belsio's turn to tell the tale.
Comments: Written for faerie_speak for reasons too long for me to go into here. I think that, out of all the stories I've done for 20_inkspots, this is my favorite. And the art that goes along with it, courtesy goldphish_bowl's genius, is definitely my favorite. Really, you gotta see it, even if you're going to just skim the story.

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