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Kyo Kara Maoh, "In Memory Of." - Fairytale Fanfiction

Dec. 22nd, 2006

10:35 pm - Kyo Kara Maoh, "In Memory Of."

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Title: In Memory Of
Author: mistr3ssquickly
Series: Kyo Kara Maoh
Fairytale: Beauty and the Beast
Pairings: Conrad Weller and Josak Gourrier
Rating: PG
Warnings: It's a little sad, or at least I think it is.
Summary: Josak's mother was the most beautiful woman in the world.
Comments: Written for pockygirl, who seems to get angst for most of her writing requests. Totally not my fault, that.

Please leave me feedback if you read it. It's good to know when people are reading my stuff. ^_^

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